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Meet a part of the BonaTerra family, the local farmers and producers who feed you
We collaborate with organic farmers and producers, aware of the importance of taste, quality and sustainability.
Discover their stories, their origins and what each one of them does to contribute to cultivating change


The Granadella Cooperative was created in 1920 to be able to offer the farmer's oil directly to the final consumer.

We understand what olive cultivation needs and we give the land everything it needs to produce olives of the highest quality, which will become exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

Cal Carbonell

Lluís Tor de Cal Carbonell and his family produce cereals, legumes, fallow land and potatoes, among others.

His farm is located at an altitude of 1,300 m and has 60 hectares, and thanks to its sandy and acid soil, the potatoes are better.

They irrigate with water from the river Er, which comes directly from Puigmal, and he sells his production directly and via Hortec, where he is a partner producer.


From Gavà with the intention of offering our citizens a good load of nutrients, minerals and vitamins based on the cultivation of fruits and vegetables naturally, using traditional fertilizer-free methods.

Our entire process is carried out on our land, from the moment of cultivation to the extraction of food.

Can Vila

Can Vila is a family of farmers from Maresme.

We have our own garden where we grow seasonal and ecological products with great passion and effort.

You can enjoy a variety of lettuce, cabbage, artichokes, potatoes, pears, among many others.

Bolets la Plana

Our work is our passion. Day after day we dedicate ourselves to what we like the most: THE MUSHROOMS!

We are specialized in the sale of mushrooms, snails, truffles and legumes.


At Bonapasta we make a high quality organic pasta produced by hand in Moià.

It is considered a KM 0 pasta because the whole process, from the cultivation of local cereals to production and marketing, is carried out in a small region. It uses cereals from the Moianès area or its surroundings as raw material.

The cereal is milled at Natureco's facilities in Moià and transformed by hand with bronze moulds to maintain its quality.

It is carefully pressed and dried at low temperature to preserve its nutritional characteristics and texture, resulting in a delicious, high quality pasta, with no additives or preservatives.

In addition, in 2010, Bonapasta received the award for best product at the Biocultura fair in Barcelona.


Hortec we are a farmers' cooperative: we grow and distribute ecological products.

The project was born in 1991 and we were pioneers: the first agricultural cooperative that brought together Catalan farmers who worked the land ecologically.

It has been 30 years of intense learning and we have grown sustainably: today we distribute more than 2,000 tons of product in Catalonia and the rest of the state.

Cal Bergé

Cal Bergé is a family farm and livestock farm located in the municipality of Bellcaire d'Urgell.

The eggs laid by the farm's hens stand out above all. There, the birds live freely and have plenty of grass space.

This makes them more relaxed and in better physical condition than the rest of the laying hens, which affects the quality of the eggs.

CasaBella Natura

Founded by the sisters, Àngels and Rosa, in 2008 Casabella Natura was born.

At Casabella we are responsible for most of the cycle of our products, since we plant, collect, package, label and deliver the product to the consumer.

The quality guarantee of our products is and will be our differential fact, given that this is our reason for being.

We use top quality, local and ecological ingredients.

La Grana

For more than 20 years we have simply been ourselves.

We produce organic food according to the highest standards of quality, proximity and ecology.

Importantly, we use stone milling, an artisanal technique that used to be common in flour mills before the demand for mass production.

In 2016, we received the Recognition for the Company with the greatest Social and Corporate Responsibility.

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We were pioneers in organic agriculture and food in Catalonia and Spain in 1978, but the history of Cal Valls goes back much further, to our grandfather Manuel Valls Sanfeliu.

At Cal Valls, we are dedicated to the production of high quality canned vegetables and fruit juices, using ingredients grown through organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Cava Conde de Valicourt

We are Martín Pedro Montserrat and Alicia Segura and we are dedicated to the exciting job of making cavas.

Ours is the smallest and most personal cellar in Sant Sadurní de Anoia, the cradle of cava. We belong to the CAVA Denomination of Origin since its creation. Our small size has always allowed us to do what we like and how we like it.

Gotic Ferments

It was born as a result of a meeting between two neighbors on the roofs of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona in the midst of the post-pandemic.

We ferment in small batches, growing food naturally, slowly and with minimal intervention, offering you home-made products prepared with ingredients of agroecological origin and that we distribute through a responsible consumption network.

Mel dels Erms

MEL DELS ERMS was founded in 2015 by David Álvarez Rovira, beekeeper with the illusion of producing organic honey of proximity and high quality.

The farm is located in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, at the foot of the Montseny Natural Park, a wonderful and ideal environment for bees. It currently has more than 180 hives and 12 apiaries that can be visited.

Eudald Massana Noya

A family of winegrowers with more than 9 generations of history located in the heart of the Penedès, in Sant Pau d'Ordal (Subirats).

Organic and biodynamic agriculture is their work philosophy and they make all their wines and cavas from their own estate.

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Take a look and locate where our organic farmers and producers are located