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● 6 tomatoes
● 1 zucchini
● 1 green pepper
● 1 red pepper
● 1 eggplant
● 1 onion
● 1 grain of garlic
● Provencal herbs
● Virgin olive oil
● salt

Preparation 🍴:

1. Chop and fry the garlic clove and the onion in a little olive oil. Once heated, add 4 peeled and chopped tomatoes, and cook slowly for 15 minutes. Reserve the sauce.

2. Wash and cut the aubergine, zucchini, peppers and the other 2 tomatoes into slices of the same thickness.

3. Spread the tomato sauce on a tray and place the alternate vegetable slices from the outside to the inside making a spiral.

4. Season with a mixture of Provencal herbs, olive oil, pepper, salt and cover with aluminum foil.

5. Roast for 30 min in an oven preheated to 180 °C. A few minutes before the end of the roast, uncover it so that the vegetables take on a golden color and it will be ready to serve!

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