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Huevos de chocolate

Chocolate eggs

Ingredients and Material:
  • Chocolate coverage (dark, milk or white).
  • egg shaped mold
  • silicone basting brush
  1. Undo the chocolate 🍫 There are two ways: a very soft water bath or in the microwave (yes, you must lower the power to a minimum and undo it at intervals of 2 to 1 minute to avoid burning)
  2. Color the egg mold from the center towards the tips. It is important not to leave any blank spaces, as they can cause weak points in the figure and could break more easily.
  3. Let sit until the first layer of chocolate has dried (when you run your finger and it doesn't get dirty).
  4. Make another layer again following the same dynamics as the first. Repeat this process until you reach a good thickness.
  5. When you have the two halves of the egg made and unmolded, join the two halves with the leftover chocolate.

⚠️ Super tip: Never leave them in the fridge for a long time, as the chocolate will get wet, lose hardness and break when removed from the mold.

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