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Seasonal recipes

Crema de setas

mushroom cream

It is mushroom season and what better way to enjoy this wonderful product and warm up than with a cream?
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Crema de calabaza

Pumpkin cream

Baked pumpkin cream, winter recipe to enjoy a delicious and healthy dinner. Simple recipe with few products and quick to make.
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Panellets de piñones

Pine nut panellets

Recipe for panellets with pine nuts, the star dish of Castañada. Prepare this fun and easy dish with the whole family with these simple steps

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Chips de boniato

Sweet potato chips

Sweet Potato Chips, a simple recipe, ideal for an appetizer or to accompany your dishes. Healthy recipe that the whole family will like

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Tostada con higos y queso brie

Toasted figs with brie cheese

Get this delicious recipe of figs with brie cheese in less than 5 minutes, ideal for breakfast or snack and very easy to make.

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Ensalada de tomate con burrata

Tomato salad with burrata

Tomato salad with burrata, a simple and delicious recipe, perfect as a starter or as an accompaniment. A refreshing dish to succeed without complications.
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Helado de Sandía

Watermelon Ice Cream

Super-easy recipe of Watermelon Ice Cream. A healthy and tasty option for summer to enjoy with the whole family.
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Receta sabrosa de verduras al horno con base de tomate ideal para preparar con niños 
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Pastel de Albaricoque

Apricot Cake

Summer fruits give a lot of play to incorporate into cakes. Try this juicy apricot cake, once the filling is made, it is covered with the homemade dough and everything is baked.
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Rosa de Sant Jordi

Saint George's Rose

Original and delicious Sant Jordi Roses made with apple and puff pastry . Celebrate this special day with this simple recipe!
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Batido de fresa y plátano

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry and banana smoothie, a simple, healthy and great recipe that you will have ready in 10 minutes. Enjoy this nutritious recipe suitable for the whole family.

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Huevos de chocolate

Chocolate eggs

Taking advantage of the fact that during these days you will be at home is a good time to cook as a family. Do you dare to make homemade monkey eggs? It's much easier than it seems and here we give you all the information you need to succeed! 🏆
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